AN ISO 9001-2008 Certified Co. | A CRISIL-NSIC Rated Organisation.



One of the most basic requirements in any Home is small repair and regular maintenance tasks.

Even though this business segment is the most unorganized sector it has the highest demand for unorganized skilled technicians.

Residential living standards have been on a constant growth, & ever since the real estate industry started flourishing around the late 2000’s premium home interiors and décor has become a regular feature in most homes. The gushing flow of technology and its use in infrastructure of homes is at its peak today. Latest technology is replacing everything, like high definition LED TV have replaced older CRT Monitors, similarly LED lamps have made way for the older bulbs, automated door handles and sensor tapes are no strangers to most of us.

This is where the important question arises. Is your local technician skilled enough to repair/fix/maintain all these expensive fittings you just invested in? Based simply on a decade of experience? Does he actually have the technical and the practical knowledge on how to deal with a sensor controlled tap or a new LED lighting system? Are you sure he can fix it without damaging something else? Are you willing to allow him to take a chance with your expensive fitting? Or worse are you willing to risk your family’s safety by allowing an unsubstantiated person to work in your home to carry out the work in your absence?.

We assist you in all this and more while ensuring that our commitment to customers is second to none. We conduct jobs as if it were our own Home. All our technicians are certified professionals with skills honed in their field of expertise and with necessary input provided from us to ensure we are a class apart. Furthermore, we ensure that our technicians are soft skilled trained so that once a customer interacts with our staff he no longer feels the need to supervise the job being carried out. This sets an industry standard for having Well Trained Police Verified Technicians visiting all who sign up for My Home Maker's Services. My Home Maker has gone a step further in getting itself ISO certified and CRISIL verified to prove its long term commitment to the tasks at hand and create a better environment and living standard for all members.

We assist in maintaining individual homes at My Home Maker, which include varieties of services like:

  • Plumbing Repair & Maintenance
  • Electrical Repair & Maintenance
  • Carpentry Repair and Maintenance
  • Detailed Home Cleaning Services(Deep & Steam Cleaning)
  • Pest Control Services
  • Mattress Cleaning Services
  • AC Repair & Maintenance Services
  • Appliance Repair Services
  • Healthy Home & Family Health Checkup

As a part of our service offering we also offer members access to our unique LIVE EASY CLUB membership which covers over 30 essential home assistance services ranging from Cook on call, Errand Services, Driver on call, Parcel pick up & drop, Delivery of bouquets, cakes, etc…

Imagine sitting at office for an important meeting and not getting a call from home to tell you that a tap is leaking? Imagine driving to work and not getting a call from home to tell you that your electrical wiring has gone kaput! It is these very instances that though small in nature are part of any Homemaker’s life with no immediate solution at times! #Kaam Ho Jaayega


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