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Society maintenance is one of the trickiest tasks. Due to most tasks always being large scale, a lot of time and efforts need to be put in with an important factor being the contractor and his work pedigree. When it comes to large scale tasks of society, maintenance is having a team that specializes in undertaking extensive tasks and completing them with perfection while consuming the least time possible, a team that will deliver much better work than what a local contractor would give, a team that all the members of the society would trust and approve.

Our technicians are trained to tackle the most complex technical issues in the least time possible. We will ensure that all your requirements are met right from the dirty common areas such as compound and staircase cleaning and maintenance to fixing your compound bulbs and tube lights. Not only this, we will also ensure that all your electrical, plumbing and carpentry needs are met including a prompt half yearly inspections as an added bonus. We also provide the society with pest control services that will ensure the eradication of common pests from the premises.

We assist in maintaining Societies by providing a variety of services like:

  • Plumbing Repair & Maintenance
  • Electrical Repair & Maintenance
  • Carpentry Repair and Maintenance
  • Detailed Cleaning Services (Deep & Steam Cleaning)
  • Pest Control Services
  • Common Areas Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Installation & maintenance of surveillance cameras

And much moreā€¦


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